Aizu-nuri sake cup from Shirakiya Lacquerware Store

This time, we will introduce the "fun of sake set" along with the traditional crafts and famous places of Aizu.

Do you know "Aizu Nuri"?
The encouragement of handicrafts by Gamo Ujisato, who was transferred to Aizu in 1590, marked the beginning of Aizu lacquerware. During the Edo period, it was exported not only to Edo but also overseas.

The long-established store of Aizu-nuri is here.
"Shirakiya Lacquerware Store" in Omachi, which climbed up Nanokamachi where retro buildings are lined up.

It is also a place visited by tourists and school excursion students.
This building was completed in 1918 and was the first Western-style store building in Aizu.
Aizu has a strong image of the Warring States period and the end of the Edo period, but there are also such famous places!

When you enter the store, you will find red beko and Aizu lacquer ware.

There are also bowls, sake sets, chopsticks, paper weights, and accessories.
Perfect for souvenirs and gifts in Aizu.

Then, when you pass through the shop and climb the Western-style stairs that make you feel like you have slipped back in time, you can see the products on the second floor.

It's like a museum.
It is well managed in a glass case.

Would you like to drink sake with a toso device?
Each has a graceful pattern and pattern, so you won't get tired of watching it.

The back room is also known to have been visited by manga artist Osamu Tezuka.
Surrounded by Aizu lacquerware, it is good to think about those days.

At the back of the first floor, there is also an exhibition about the technique of Aizu lacquer ware.
You can also learn how Aizu lacquerware is made.

Aizu lacquerware can be said to be an old partner for Aizu sake.
This is one of the series "Saijiki of flowers" in Shirokiya's lacquer ware collection of Hanaharu, and is a sake cup with "Sakura" drawn on it.

Painted in red on the outside and gold on the inside, it has a subdued yet elegant tone with delicate and lovely cherry blossoms.

Pour Hanaharu's Junmai Ginjo Sake into this cup.
The golden color painted on the inside shines as if it emerges.

The softness of the lacquer ware that touches the lips enhances the taste and mellowness of the rice in Junmai Ginjo Sake, making it easier to feel as a softer and milder taste.
Also, the red color makes you feel rich.

Please enjoy the combination of Aizu lacquer ware and Hanaharu, which you can see with your eyes, feel with your skin, and taste with your tongue.


Shirakiya Lacquerware Store

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Shirakiya Lacquerware Store

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