Cool glass sake set

It's hot! Full-scale summer has arrived!

If you endure the heat and work hard, I would like to conclude with such a cool swallow!

Thick glass has a rustic feel and is reasonably heavy to hold in your hand.

For some reason, I feel relieved.

The well-placed form is quite good.

The feet are slightly dyed in green, and when you pour alcohol, the beautiful gradation stands out.

The unevenness of the surface also plays a role in the tasteful appearance, but in fact it is also excellent in functionality.

If you pour chilled sake, condensation will form on the surface of the sake set, but thanks to the uneven surface, you do not have to worry about slipping your hands.

I found such a nice drink at a 100-yen shop in my neighborhood. (Laughs) Please look for it!

And what you want to enjoy in the summer is "Aizu-in raw sake".

If you cool it to 7 ℃, you can enjoy it most deliciously!

It has a light acidity, and the mouth feels refreshing as it cools, and the fresh umami passes through your throat and you can enjoy as many cups as you like without getting tired of drinking!

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