Glass ingot

The delicate brilliance of the glass sake set is really beautiful.

It's especially wonderful when sake is poured.

Drinking alcohol while gazing at the curved scenery and light is exceptional.

Also, you can enjoy a sharp and delicate taste that is different from the wooden boxes and pottery.

You can feel the sweetness and sourness more clearly.

It is also suitable for enjoying the scent.

It's a crisp impression, so it's perfect to enjoy "cold" in the hot season.

As soon as you pour a moderately chilled liquor, water droplets cover the outside of the glass and it is very cool.

But the cold season "Kanzake" is also wonderful.

It is recommended because the warm steam will cloud the inside of the glass and you can feel the warmth with your eyes.

The sake glass prepared at Hanaharu is shaped like an inoguchi with a base, so it is not hot even with sake.

I think that the thickness of the part that touches the lips has a great influence on the taste of sake that changes depending on the sake set.

I'm sure it's because the way the sake spreads in your mouth is different.

I feel that a thin object such as glass can reach the tongue without detouring, rather than a thick wall.

How do you feel about it?

Please try drinking and comparing.

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