Suyaki Of unglazed

The taste of sake is delicate.

If the temperature changes, the taste and aroma you feel will change.

And the taste changes just by changing the container that you carry in your mouth.

Today I would like to introduce you to a unglazed drink.

There are various types of sake sets for tasting sake, but the characteristic of unglazed sake is that the surface of the material is porous.

It seems to say something difficult, but porosity means that there are many holes.

A hole has a space, and air exists there.

When you put a liquid in this container, air will pop out from the hole and be released into the liquid. In other words, it means that sake is mixed with air.

The act of "opening" in wine is developed in a small swallow.

From this, it is generally said that the taste of unglazed sake sets is softened.

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