Tokkuri and Ochoko

Many people think of sake bottles and sake cups for enjoying sake.

Tokkuri and Ochoko come in various sizes and materials.

There are even collectors.

The materials are mainly metal, unglazed, celadon, glass, etc. There are many types, which means that if you turn it over, the taste will change.

It is generally said that glass has a more delicate taste.

The pottery has a soft taste and you will not get tired of drinking it.

Metal is mellow due to the effect of ions.

And it seems that porcelain products feel neutral.

By the way, have you ever drawn an indigo double circle on the bottom of a porcelain indigo?

This is a device to check the color of sake when you drink sake. The color of sake changes if the rice polishing rate and maturity are different.

Generally, aged sake becomes more golden.

Porcelain is white, so it's perfect for checking the color.

You can feel the original taste of sake in neutral and measure the color.

For this reason, it is the porcelain inoguchi that makes sake.

When you enjoy various kinds of sake, you may want to try the first bite with a porcelain inoguchi.

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