Milky gold glass

I thought that the first impression was an elegant glass with gold leaf giving a splendid impression to milky white glass.

Is the gold leaf in the image of a magnificent mountain with a wide hem, and the milky white in the image of snow?

As usual, I put the glasses on the shooting table and started writing, but I was a little confused here.

No, to be clear, it's a surprise.

The glass placed on a black background had a mysterious glow.

I thought it was a white glass, but it looks a little blue.

It's not like a colored dye or ink, it's a rainbow-colored glow inside the shell.

Do you see the reflection of light in different colors?

I can only think of such expressions.

If the gold leaf resembles a mountain, the scenery you can see right now is a white snow stop and a cold blue sky.

I released the shutter crazy to capture the mysterious and beautiful way of shining.

It's even more surprising when you finish shooting for a while and change the lighting to a little backlit!

The pale glass looks amber this time!

Amber is a color between orange and brown, and it may be easier to understand if you think of a scene dyed in the setting sun.

If you change the angle and output of the light further, you will see a ruby-colored mountain in the moment when the night is about to come.

This pretty little glass trapped the ever-changing expressions of the mountains and the sky! I was surprised.

I hope the photos convey this surprise and excitement.

Well, if you want this glass ... I choose Junmai Daiginjo.

I want to see the magnificent scenery of a small glass while enjoying the umami of Junmaishu and the gorgeous ginjo aroma.

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