Swallowing cedar

Cedar, which has a nice scent, has a mysterious power.

It has a strong antiseptic and antibacterial effect, and has long been used as a material for food containers and sake barrels as well as houses.

In other words, it works to bring peace of mind to people.

Perhaps because of that, I feel relieved when I smell the scent of cedar.

Scientifically, it seems that a component called "phytoncide" is involved ... Someday, a difficult story will come again.

This slurp made of cedar is so light that you can't rely on it in your hand, and it will be healed by the gentle texture that immediately adapts to the temperature of your hand.

However, despite being thinly carved, the hard feeling is a "dignity" unique to coniferous trees with a tight grain.

The touch of the lips is gentle and soft, and alcohol can flow in smoothly.

The scent of cedar is not a type that insists strongly, but it brings out the moderate scent of Hanaharu Ginjo well.

The taste is unique and creates a completely different roundness from glass and porcelain.

I think that you can enjoy pure rice sake at room temperature and freshly stored sake that is chilled and delicious.

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