Blue striped glass

Frosty blue glasses are about the same size as Inoguchi.

The shape where your fingers are lightly squeezed fits comfortably in your hand.

The smooth surface finish is also comfortable.

This dull glass, when you fill it with sake, your expression changes completely.

The light makes the inside of the glass stand out, and it looks as if it is emitting light.

It is full of a lively sense of life.

It fits comfortably in sake bottles, which have the opposite texture.

I don't drink alcohol while it's bright, but I would like to try it in such a situation!

Hanaharu Daiginjo Sake also boasts a beautiful frosty bottle.

When I put them side by side, I was able to take such a wonderful photo.

A glass with a slightly swollen body is ideal for tasting Hanaharu Daiginjo Sake, which has an elegant ginjo scent.

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