Handmade sake set at Tobo Irori

As an extra edition of "The Fun of Sake Sets", we will propose your own sake sets this time!


Speaking of "Hongo" in Aizu, "Hongo-yaki" has long been famous and is known as a pottery town.
Every year on the first Sunday of August, "Hongo Seto City" is held and is crowded with many people.
The history of Aizu's pottery is said to have started when Gamo Ujisato called a craftsman to make the roof tiles of Tsuruga Castle.

This time, I visited "Tobo Irori" in Aizumisato Town.
I thought of it the day before, but despite the sudden reservation, I kindly responded.

There are pottery that has been loved for a long time in Aizu, and there is also a workshop where you can experience pottery, so I would like people who visit sake breweries to know! I would like to introduce you. (Of course, it is also recommended for locals!)

It's also good to have sake that you can enjoy in the only sake set in the world, or Aizu sake that you pour into Aizu's sake!

Here, there was a corner where works were lined up and sold, and a corner where you could experience it.
Vessels of various colors and shapes are lined up.

Ayari The red beko chopstick rest, which is a famous work in Japan, is so popular that it sells out at souvenir shops such as roadside stations!
The container with the red beko popping out is also very cute.

From the potter's wheel experience, hand-kneading experience, and painting experience, this time I had a hand-kneading experience!
500g of clay costs 1,000 yen.
500g is quite a lot, and I think it's a great deal if it's 1,000 yen including the fact that you can bake it!
Since the amount of clay is large for a sake set, I decided to make a single mouth and a drink!

First, divide the clay ...

While teaching me, I will make clay sticks and stack them.

Take shape while looking at the overall balance.
(I have a long nail and a hole in the bottom ...)

I tried to let you.
It's quite fun! It's nice to be able to do it in less time.

Engrave your name on the back ...

It's done!

After this, I had them baked and colored.
About a month later, the work was completed.
The excitement during this time! You can also have it shipped, so when it arrives, your memories of your trip will come back to life.

You can choose the work displayed in the store and color it in the same way.
A sense of security that professionals can do ...! (´ ~ `*)

And here is the finished product!

The outside is I had you make turquoise blue and black inside.
The outside has a rough feel, and the inside has a moist luster.
The color is so nice that it doesn't seem to be made by myself.

When it hits, the glaze inside is shining and beautiful!

It feels like it has a taste.

It has a profound feeling, but it is also soft and gentle.
Is it because you made the fit of your hand when you hold it?

Since the edge that touches the lips is thick, I think that sake with a rich taste is suitable.
How about a rich junmai sake as a combination of sake?
It is a sake that you can feel the taste of rice.
Slightly cold-normal temperature-slimy kanzake seems to be good ♪

If you pour it into your own sake set, it will be even more delicious!

Tobo Ayari

1868 Azakawaramachi, Aizu Misato-cho, Onuma-gun, Fukushima Prefecture -1
TEL 0242-56-5707
Time 9: 00-18 : 00
Regular holiday Irregular holidays

Tobo Irori


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