Easy arrangement and liquor

A fresh, mellow, and light taste that makes you feel the taste of rice.
It is a popular nigori liquor that has a white appearance but is smooth and easy to drink.

It is a delicious flower spring nigori liquor as it is, but in fact, you can expand your enjoyment with various arrangements.

I will introduce a simple one! First is the cider split.

Nigori 1: Cider 1 is recommended! A squishy feeling is added to the freshness and mellowness.

If you divide it with cider containing sugar, you can enjoy it like juice with added sweetness! Be careful not to drink too much!

Next is milk splitting! The mellowness of milk is added to the mellowness derived from rice! The rich texture is like yogurt, and it's rich and delicious ♪

It seems that if you like it here, add a little chocolate syrup or coffee and it will look like Kahlua.

If you are interested, please try it ...! Also, as I mentioned in my blog before, Nigori Sake goes well with dairy products (especially cheese!), So please give it a try! In summer, if you freeze it a little like sherbet, it will be crispy and you can enjoy a new sensation ★

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