Intravenous drip amazake

This time is about amazake.

Amazake, which is nutritious and good for beauty and health, is said to be a "drinking drip" and has become more popular.

Do you like it?

There are two types of amazake. Amazake made from sake lees and amazake made from rice jiuqu.

For those who originally like sake, amazake made with sake lees that gives the flavor of sake, and for those who are not very good at sake, do you prefer amazake made from rice jiuqu? Both have plenty of rice flavor.

There are various types of sake sold at the shop, but I thought it would be fun to make it myself, so this time I used the sake lees (sake lees) that came out when I squeezed sake in Hanaharu. I will make it!

(Unfortunately, this is not sold to the general public(>_<)

By the way, at Hanaharu, we also distill the aged sake lees to make a shochu called "Kasutori Shochu"!

* The address is Hanaharumachi because I had it packed in the rest of the bag I used in the past. Now it's in Kozashi Town.

Sake lees with a scent of Ginjo can be fresh or aged for a while. Various sake lees are sold at supermarkets, aren't they? ~ How to make ~ Prepare a pot.

Add the amount of water you want to make (how many cups). Tear off the sake lees and put it in a pot. Put it on the fire. Mix well.

When it comes to a boil, turn off the heat and add sugar.

Boil it again and you're done.

Well, I explained it very roughly, but you can choose the amount etc ...

For those who like rich, thick and sweet amazake, please use a large amount of sake lees and plenty of sugar for water! On the other hand, if you like smooth amazake, try to dissolve the sake lees finely with a small amount of sake lees.

It's also a good idea to add grated ginger in the arrangement.

Please find your favorite amazake!

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