About Kanzake

Sake is a rare sake in the world where you can enjoy various temperatures and ways of drinking.

It seems that the custom of drinking sake with sake became common in the middle of the Edo period. When you drink it as sake, the aroma of rice spreads softly and you can feel the depth of the taste.

Because it is close to body temperature, it is absorbed quickly and prevents overdrinking.

In winter, it's nice to warm up warmly ♪ Junmai sake and ordinary sake are suitable for Kanzake.

The most recommended sake for sake in Hanaharu is "Dense Junmaishu"!


We have received awards for the deliciousness of "hot kanzake" and "slimy kanzake"!

→ The mellowness is further increased by the kanzake.

It goes well with Chinese food, and it goes well with oily meat dishes and rich Japanese and Western foods! Shumai, Peking duck, grilled eel, sweetened carp, stewed pork, roast duck, beef stew, sauteed foie gras, etc.

We also recommend "Dry Junmaishu", which is reasonably priced and perfect for daily evening drinks.

→ The kanzake will add more plump flavor.
Excellent compatibility with Japanese food! For Western and Chinese food, try it with rich dishes.
Tonkatsu, sukiyaki, yakitori (sauce), mapo tofu, dumplings, hamburger steak, fried chicken, etc.

Please try it!

The point of kanzake is the temperature.
If the temperature is too high, the balance between taste and aroma may be lost and it may not be delicious.

Hot Kanzake (50-55 degrees)
Upper Kanzake (45-50 degrees) ← Recommended around here
Slimy Kanzake (40-45 degrees) ← Recommended around here
Human skin Kanzake (35 degrees) ~ 40 degrees)

The temperature at which you drink alcohol has a great effect on the taste and aroma.
"Sweetness" is most strongly felt at about 40 degrees.
"Bitterness" is strongly felt at low temperatures of 10 degrees or less.
"Astringency" feels strong at low temperatures.
"Sourness" is not much affected by temperature.
"Pungency" is a complex taste that you feel as the temperature rises.

As a method of kanzake, it is recommended to put a sake bottle in hot water and soak it in the kanzake while measuring the temperature.
There is also a set of sake bottle and sake bottle with Hanaharu name, so please use this together with sake ♪

If you find it difficult to measure, you may want to look for the kanzake sold at the electronics store (* ^ ▽ ^ *)!

The good thing about sake is that you can enjoy it according to the season, such as rock in the summer and kanzake in the winter.
I would be happy if you could enjoy it with sake while feeling the season in cooking! !!

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