Plus sake for cooking

It's delicious sake to drink ...,

You may have heard that "sake is added to food".

Then why add sake ...? There are various reasons such as eliminating the smell of meat and fish, making it milder, softening it, and enhancing the taste of the amino acids contained in sake! By adding sake, you can get closer to the taste of a deep restaurant.

Utilizing the taste of the ingredients, it becomes a hidden taste that retains the taste of sake!

By the way, in Hanaharu, the best way for employees to add to their dishes is the regular sake "Aizu-in".

It is said that this is because the five flavors (sweet and spicy acid astringency) are in harmony.

Some people even add it to miso soup! Of course, we also recommend Junmaishu, where you can feel the taste of rice! I received it, but the people at home didn't drink it ... The color changed if I left it alone ... Sake is also useful for cooking.

I think that it is generally used for simmered dishes, but here are some other simple examples that you can do at home.

・ When cooking old rice, sprinkle 1 tablespoon of sake on 4 to 5 cups of rice, stir well, and then cook.

The rice has a fluffy finish with no odor, and the sugar sweetens the rice for a delicious finish!・ When making instant noodles, if you add a glass of sake before turning off the heat, the oily smell of the noodles will disappear and the umami ingredients of sake such as amino acids will soften the taste of the soup.

・ When grilling fish, if you sprinkle sake before sprinkling salt, the smell will be removed and the fish will be grilled with a good aroma. Even after thawing the frozen fish, if you sprinkle it with sake and cook it, the smell of the freezer will disappear and it will be delicious.

When you bake dried fish, sprinkle sake on it to eliminate the odor and increase the softness and umami, so it is recommended! In addition, not only fish but also meat has the effect of sake. It is recommended to use sake at the time of preparation as it will eliminate the odor, soften it, and increase its umami.

It seems that sake goes well with fish and meat that have become delicious with sake ... ♪ In this way, there are many menus that can be upgraded from the usual dishes by adding sake! (Maybe you just drink and cook?) Please take advantage of it!

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