Furofuki radish

Furofuki radish with a simple and nostalgic taste.
Contrary to its overly simple appearance, you can enjoy the delicious harmony of kelp soup stock and miso sauce.
If you call "hafu, hafu" the hot radish that is so soft that you can easily insert chopsticks, your mind and body will be warmed from the core.
Also, the low calorie place, which is voluminous, is the best dish even during a diet.
Sake goes very well with such Furofuki radish.

Hanaharu Karakuchi Junmai1800ml / 720ml


Nojun Junmaishu
Aizu sake rice "Maihime" is carefully polished by self-polishing and slowly aged at low temperature to make pure rice sake.
The perfect balance between acidity and sake has achieved a rich "medium dryness".

Hanaharu Nojun Junmaishu 1800ml / 720ml300ml

Both are sakes that bring out the flavor of radish and the richness of miso sauce.
You can enjoy it at various temperatures, from cold sake to hot sake.

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