Sea bream sashimi

Spring is a season with many celebrations.

I would like you to try sea bream sashimi this season.

February to April is said to be the most delicious, and especially during the cherry blossom season, the body color becomes more vivid and it is prized as "Sakuradai".

Although it is pale, it has the umami of fat firmly hidden in the back of the body, and the delicate and rounded sweetness is very delicious.

Hanaharu Daiginjo

It is a daiginjo sake that you will not get tired of drinking, and you can enjoy the elegant and gorgeous ginjo fragrance and the rich taste of rice, which is carefully made using koji rice with uniform grains, soft water, and Utsukushishima glitter yeast. ..

Hanaharu Ginjo

Aizu rice "Maihime" is carefully polished by self-polishing and brewed using Hanaharu Ginjo yeast. It has a moderate aroma and deliciousness, and the acidity through the throat reminds us of Aizu in the snow.

Both are sakes that bring out the deliciousness of the delicate sea bream. Please come to the congratulations seat.

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