I tasted the boiled red sea bream with a limited number of first squeezed

I bought a delicious boiled red sea bream at a set meal shop where you can take out.
The teriyaki of the broth really arouses the beautiful red skin.

The taste of red sea bream was well-stained.
The body is fluffy, but it feels full of umami.
Soy sauce and mirin are effective for seasoning, and I think it goes well with white rice!
Of course, if it goes well with rice, it's perfect for sake, especially pure rice sake!

The sake to be combined is the first freshly squeezed "Hatsushibori Junmai Genshu" of this season!
The fresh taste is youthful and a little rough.
However, the undiluted sake, which is packed with the unique flavor of Junmaishu, goes well with dishes with a strong taste such as simmered.

Koshihikari from Aizu is slowly polished with self-polished rice, and pure rice sake brewed at extremely low temperatures using Utsukushima Glitter yeast is bottled as raw sake. Although it is a youthful sake, it is a limited quantity sake that you can enjoy the rich aroma and the strong taste of rice.
Please try it with the taste of winter!

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