3 types of ham and mozzarella cheese

I found 3 kinds of prosciutto as a set at the supermarket today!
It was 898 yen, but sometimes I want to eat luxurious snacks! So I got it.
The breakdown of the three types is "loin," "thigh meat," and "pancetta."
Since it's a big deal, I'll buy mozzarella cheese for 300 yen and morning picked baby leaf for 180 yen and try to serve it!

What do you think?
I wonder if it looks like a passing score.

I also made a dressing!
It's super easy, so publish the recipe! (It's not such an exaggeration ...)

① Olive oil 3 teaspoons (maybe ~)
② Coarse ground pepper 2 Gorigori (Oh, the sound of turning the pepper mill)
③ Soy sauce (hidden taste) Half a teaspoon (about, maybe ...)
④ 7mm from the grated garlic tube (this was measured properly!)

Then just mix!
It's a super suitable sauce, but it's delicious!

Well the taste. The ham feels a little hard, but the more you chew it, the more delicious it spreads.
And the sauce is a huge success!
I thought that ham is unnecessary because the taste of the meat itself and the salt are also effective.
The garlic and pepper were spicy and made a good accent.
This sauce went perfectly with the light-tasting mozzarella cheese!

This time, I tried to combine "Hanaharu Ginjo Sake".
A ginjo sake made by carefully polishing Aizu rice "Maihime" to 55%.
It has a moderate aroma and deliciousness, and the acidity through the throat is refreshing.

I enjoyed the delicious balance of the greasy taste that melts in the mouth of the ham and the refreshing and sharp liquor.
Please try!


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