Many people say that yakitori is the standard snack for sake.
I also like this very much.
Because of the simplicity of sticking it on a skewer and baking it, I think it is a dish that brings out the goodness of the ingredients and the technique of baking.
And whether it is "salt" or "sauce" is also a point of controversy.
It is often said that salt makes you feel the deliciousness of the ingredients, and the sauce gives you a taste of the restaurant's unique commitment. What?
But is it the conclusion that you like it depending on the part and mood?
Anyway, I want you to enjoy it deliciously.

Recommended for "salt" is Junmai Daiginjo Sake
Aizu-produced rice, which is unique to Junmai Daiginjo Sake, and has a mellow and mellow flavor. It is a gem created by exquisitely harmonizing with the technique of. Won the highest gold award at the Delicious Sake Award 2015 in a wine glass. In addition, we received awards at various competitions in Japan and overseas.

Hanaharu Junmai Daiginjo Sake 1800ml / 720ml 

Recommended for "sauce" is rich pure rice sake
Aizu sake rice "Maihime" is carefully polished by self-polishing and slowly aged at low temperature. It is pure rice sake. The perfect balance between acidity and sake has achieved a rich "medium dry" taste.
  1800ml / 720ml

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