There are so many materials that go well with tempura.
Enjoy seasonal vegetables and seafood. Yes, it's a dish that has the season.
Spring buds, rape blossoms, and Aralia elata. Clams and sakura shrimp.
Okra, green beans and conger eels in summer.
Autumn peppers, eggplants, maitake mushrooms and prawns.
In winter, kwai, shiitake mushrooms, whitefish, and smelt.
You can enjoy it with more materials than you can write.
Tonight's side dish is a fried dish.

Junmai Ginjoshu
The cold-brewed raw sake was slowly aged at low temperature. It is a Junmai Ginjo sake that is characterized by its moderate aroma and rounded taste, and you can enjoy the spread of deliciousness and the goodness of your throat.
  1800ml / 720ml


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