Takuan and cream cheese sauce

Do you feel nostalgic even if you eat Takuan?
It has a simple taste, but it is very deep and addictive.
I made snacks with Takuan and cream cheese.
This is the only material.
The white one on the upper right is cream cheese. Below that is Takuan.
This time, I bought "Katsuobushi and Dashi soy sauce flavor". Katsuobushi is stuck on the surface.
And it is seaweed for kneaded wasabi and rice balls.

Then start cooking immediately!
Takuan is chopped. Also chop the seaweed for toppings.
And add wasabi ...


Yes! It's done!
That's it. If the cream cheese is hard and difficult to mix, heat it in the microwave for about 10 seconds to make it easier to mix.

Serve in a bowl, put chopped seaweed on top, and you're done!
There are various types of Takuan, so I think each one will have a different taste.
Also, it's delicious to change wasabi to garlic!

Takuan's crunchy texture is fun with creamy cheese.
The taste is rich but not addictive, so I thought it would be the best snack for sake!
Today, I had it at "Hanaharu Noboru Junmaishu", and the rich taste of this snack was a perfect match for the thick flavor of Junmaishu!

Very cheap and very delicious "Takuan and cream cheese sauce".
It seems to be a standard snack at home!

Hanaharu Nojun Junmaishu 1800ml / 720ml

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