CAN pie! Beef balsamic sauce

The "K & K Can Tsuma ★ Restaurant" series, which is ideal for swallowing snacks. This time I tried "Beef balsamic sauce". Balsamic vinegar is a vinegar made from grapes and has a unique aroma and sweetness.

Immediately, pack CAN! Let's go!
A delicious scent spreads from the moment you open it.
The herb-like scent is overlaid with the scent of beef.

Even though it is at room temperature, the oil is solidified in white.
I decided to serve it on another plate and heat it in the microwave a little.

By warming it, the delicious scent doubles at once! I also felt a little spicy.
I put it in a small plate, so the atmosphere was full, but the amount was quite satisfactory.
The meat has a good balance of lean and fat.
I'll try it with chopsticks.
It is simmered in a toro so that the fiber of the meat melts.
Well, what is the taste?
The firm taste of beef is entwined with a slightly gentle acidity.
I imagined an Italian taste, but it also felt surprisingly Japanese.

It's a delicious dish that you can really drink.
"Dense Junmaishu", "Dry Junmaishu", "Aizu-in", etc. are perfect.

Hanaharu rich pure rice 1800ml / 720ml


Hanaharu dry pure rice 1800ml / 720ml


Hanaharu Aizu stamp 1800ml / 180ml 

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