Buri radish

Is there anything you want to eat when it gets cold?
In my case, it's a warm radish that is soaked in soup stock.
I also love oden and bath-blown radish, but this time I'll have a drink with "buri radish" as a side dish!

It's a classic menu from autumn to winter when the fat gets on for the first time.
I like it because the taste is familiar to me when I leave it overnight.

It goes perfectly with sake!
That should be it. The secret ingredient is sake. There is no reason why it doesn't fit.

The radish is boiled softly and the chopsticks fit in easily.
It was soaked in umami and warmed up.
The yellowtail is also softer.
The oily skin melts in the mouth as a fluffy skin, and the body is full of umami.

Buri daikon served with rich pure rice sake.
The nostalgic, gentle taste warmed my heart!

Hanaharu 1800ml / 720ml

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