Deep-fried small horse mackerel

Tonight is dry pure rice sake and "fried small horse mackerel".
It was crispy and I could eat the bones as it was.

Is it a sauce because it's fried? I was worried, but I decided to have it with salt.
Even though it is small, it is fluffy. It's not greasy and you can eat as many as you like.
I usually don't sprinkle lemon on fried chicken, but I thought that sprinkling a little citrus fruits such as lemon would make this fried small horse mackerel even more delicious.

Dry Junmaishu goes well with any dish, be it meat or fish. It's also perfect for fried food, so it's recommended.
Using 100% Aizu rice, this pure rice sake has a refreshing taste and can be enjoyed at various temperatures such as normal temperature, lukewarm, and cold.

Hanaharu Dry Junmai Sake 1800ml / 720ml

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