Marinated octopus, tomato and shrimp

Octopus is delicious when mixed with vinegar!
Today I tried marinating with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
The sourness of tomatoes and the spiciness of onions accentuate the taste, making it very refreshing.
Shrimp, cucumber and yellow paprika made the color even richer.

And I will try to make "rich pure rice sake" lukewarm.
Although it has a refreshing taste, it also uses olive oil, so "rich pure rice wine" with a strong umami matches very well.
While drawing out the deliciousness of each, chopsticks and sake go on.

You can feel the delicious taste of rice in the "rich pure rice sake" that is delicious at any temperature.
Please try it!

Hanaharu Noko Junmai 1800ml / 720ml

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