Gizzard Shichimi

Speaking of gizzards, the crunchy texture is irresistible.
Is salt grilling common at yakitori restaurants?
From the name of the liver, I think it's an internal organ, but it's actually muscle, so it's low in fat,
It is an ingredient that contains a lot of iron and vitamin B12.
But some people have a habit and are not good at it.

This time, I tried "Natori"'s "Sake appetizer, Gizzard Shichimi-yaki".
The package says that Kyoto-style Shichimi was applied to the gizzard, which has no peculiarity.

The texture is moderately crunchy and fluffy.
I also felt a smoked scent like charcoal grill.
The Kyoto-style Shichimi has a stronger aroma than the spicy taste, and enhances the taste of gizzards.

Since it is originally a part with low fat content, it does not have a bad taste.
When you try Hanaharu's "Daiginjo Sake", it leaves a margin of taste in your mouth.
Still, I was able to enjoy the delicious mariage.

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