Parmigiano Reggiano

It is a cheese that represents Italy, and is also famous for its strict manufacturing method.
The aging period is 18 to 36 months. Some are over 5 years old.
It is often added to dishes, but it is also delicious to slice it into thin slices.
The surface is off-white and white lumps can be seen here and there.
This is an amino acid crystal and has a crisp feel.

Anyway, the taste is deep! It's dark!
The umami of amino acids overlaps with the light salty taste. It feels like all the milk fat has changed to umami, and it is not very oily.

The scent has a strong aging feeling, but there is no odor.
The liquor to be combined has a solid taste, such as "rich junmai liquor", "dry junmai", "sweet junmai", "nigori liquor", seasonal product "Hatsushibori", or the fluffy rice flavor of Daiginjo. We also recommend the Junmai Daiginjo, which you can taste.

Hanaharu Nojun Junmai 1800ml / 720ml300ml

Hanaharu Karakuchi Junmai 1800ml / 720ml



Hanaharu Nigorizake 720ml


Hanaharu Junmai Daiginjoshu 720ml / 1800ml


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