Aged cheddar cheese

Cheddar cheese, which is relatively easy to obtain.
This time, I tried the one that has been aged.
The label says it's a year.

The taste is very rich and light acidity and saltiness. And you can feel the deep richness.
There are some parts where the crispy powder is solidified.
This is a crystal of calcium lactate that is tightly packed with umami ingredients.

It is a delicious cheese with a rich variety of flavors while retaining the creaminess of milk.
If you want to match this richness, why not try "Junmai Ginjo", "Dense Junmaishu", "Dry Junmai", "Sweet Junmai", "Nigorishu", and the seasonal product "Hatsushibori".
You will surely enjoy the deep and rich harmony.


Hanaharu Junmai Ginjo 1800ml / 720ml

Hanaharu, rich and pure rice 1800ml / 720ml


Hanaharu dry pure rice 1800ml / 720ml





Hanaharu Nigori Sake  720ml



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