CAN pie! Mate tea chicken pickled in olive oil

It's a ally of the swallowers to be able to taste a delicious dish that is particular about the ingredients in a simple can!
This time I tried "Mate tea chicken pickled in olive oil" from "K & K Can Tsuma Restaurant".
I think you are using chickens that have been raised on mate tea.

Immediately, pack CAN! I will open it.
Soaked in plenty of olive oil!
If you eat from a can as it is, the oil is two matches, so transfer it to a plate.


Oh~! Looks delicious!
It seems that it is small because it is a small bowl-like container, but it contains a satisfactory amount as a dish.
The taste is pickled in oil, so is it heavier? I expected it, but it's surprisingly pale.
Canned foods often have too much taste in the ingredients, and are often referred to as "all the taste of sauce", but the deliciousness of the chicken itself stands out.
The skin is elastic and the sweetness of chicken oil complements the slightly salty taste of olive oil.
The body part is also full of umami, and the more you chew, the more it spreads in your mouth!


It is a luxurious snack that goes well with sake.
Speaking of meat dishes, "rich pure rice wine" and "dry pure rice wine" are perfect.
In addition, it is a dish with a delicate sweetness, so I think you can enjoy it even with ginjo.

 Hanaharu Noboru Junmaishu 1800ml / 720ml


  Hanaharu dry pure rice 1800ml / 720ml


 Hanaharu Junmai Daiginjo 1800ml / 720ml


 Hanaharu Daiginjo 1800ml / 720ml


 Hanaharu Junmai Ginjo 1800ml / 720ml

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