The beautiful orange mimolette is native to France.
But it's a little hard to talk about how to make it ...
Sake grows deliciously thanks to the microorganisms called "fungi," but this mimolette also matures and becomes delicious thanks to the organisms.

However, this creature can be seen with the naked eye ... (Lol)
I will say it clearly!
Acaridae that settled on the surface of cheese are the parents of Mimolette. So small insects, mites.
Of course, the part that humans eat is inside, so there are no mites. Please be assured.

The taste is rich and the umami and richness are layered. It is said that the matured ones are like "karasumi".
Mimolette has a strong impact in many ways, but how about the "rich junmai sake", "dry junmai", "sweet junmai", "nigori liquor", and the seasonal product "Hatsushibori", which have a solid taste? ..

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