Gouda cheese

A typical Dutch cheese.
The name comes from the fact that it was made in the city of Gouda.
The taste is mild with little habit.

It has a taste similar to that of processed cheese, which is popular in Japan.
However, you can feel the richness of milk fat even in the mild.

I think that the sake that you want to enjoy together is a pure rice type with a solid body.
You can enjoy delicious competitions such as "Junmai Ginjo", "Dry Junmai", "Sweet Junmai", and "Dense Junmaishu".
In addition, "Nigori Sake" has excellent compatibility with dairy products.
You can enjoy the deliciousness with any cheese.



Hanaharu Nigori Sake 720ml


Hanaharu dry pure rice 1800ml / 720ml

Hanaharu rich pure rice 1800ml / 720ml

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