Red cheddar

It was originally made in the region of Cheddar, Somerset, England.
But now it's made all over the world and it's a familiar cheese because it's easy to get.

It has a slightly hard texture, but it melts well in the mouth and has a creamy taste with a nutty aroma. I also feel a little salty.
It is said that the matured red cheddar produces calcium lactate crystals with condensed taste.

The taste is rich, but the aroma is not peculiar, so I would like to combine "Junmai Daiginjo" and "Junmai Ginjo".
Of course, speaking of cheese, "Nigori Sake" is also a big favorite!

Hanaharu Junmai Daiginjo 1800ml / 720ml

Hanaharu Junmai Ginjo 1800ml / 720ml


Hanaharu Aizu-in Nigori Sake  720ml

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