Camembert cheese

Another name for France, the Queen of Cheese.
The name comes from Camembert, the place of origin.
The feature is a white powdery mold on the surface.
This mold advances aging and produces umami ingredients and richness.
I am grateful that it is a small cylinder and easy to obtain.

When cut, the inside is soft and creamy as a trolley.
Milk fat spreads in your mouth while tasting it straightforwardly.

How about the sake to be combined, such as "Dense Junmai Sake", "Dry Junmai", "Sweet Junmai", "Nigori Sake", and the seasonal product "Hatsushibori".

  Hanaharu Rich pure rice 1800ml / 720ml

Hanaharu dry pure rice 1800ml / 720ml

 Hanaharu Aizu-in Nigori Sake 720ml

It is my personal impression that Camembert cheese tasted better with sake than with wine (laughs).

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